Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Top (Banana Republic) Cami (Forever 21) Trouser Jeans (BR outlet) Jewelery (American Eagle)

I love this necklace and I can't believe I found it at American Eagle. I bought this last winter with another  beaded necklace, they were buy get one half off. They were a lot more reasonable than the ones in J.Crew that I kept drooling over. :)'s a close up of my shoes. They are zebra print flats from the Gap. I am obsessed with Gap flats right now. They are cute, comfy, and pretty affordable if you get them on a good sale. I was having trouble getting my shoes into the shot, it would help if I could find my tripod. Oh well, I'm getting a little better, right? :)

Well it's a beautiful sunny day here, after many days of rain, so I better head out there! I hope you are having a beautiful day wherever you are today!! :)

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  1. I love your outfit and that necklace is so cute! I have to get some Gap flats. Both you and the Pioneer Woman like them so they must be good. :)

  2. Thanks Heather! Yes I love their flats. Just make sure you go up a size because they run a little small.

  3. Love the necklace...I want one;) I want to "follow", but can't find your Google link...

  4. I love the shoes girl!

    PS: Thanks for praying for me while I'm gone!

  5. Color of your dining room is amazing! I've never dared paint any wall other than white but that makes me rethink it.

    happy monday!