Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Kiri over at My Lovely Life gave me the liebster blog award. I have never done one of these before and I am not very computer savy, I know pretty funny since I'm a blogger or at least I play one on TV! :) Anyway this is how it works.
1. You must link back to the person who gave the award to you (as a small thanks :).
2. Post eleven things about yourself (the version I was given says this, I know some of the other versions don't. It's fun, play along!).
3. Answer the questions the person giving you the award has set for you.
4. Create 11 questions for the people to answer that you have given the award to.
5. Choose people to give the award to and link them in your post.
6. Go to their blog and tell them.
7. You can't give the award back to the blogger who gave it to you

11 random things about me...

1. I am absolutely terrified to put my feet in water that I can't see the bottom of. I'm the cool one at the beach with water shoes. :)
2. My husband was my first and only boyfriend and I'm so glad that's how it worked out!
3. I used to love running, I ran track 7th grade through college. I would love to be able to run a 5k again some day.
4. I'm the baby in my family, I have four older brothers that were all teenagers when I was born.
5. My parents are in their mid 70's and they still work 6 days a weeks running their next to new business.
6. I love preppy clothing, khakis, argyle, button downs..........but my hubby has absolutely no interest in clothes unless they are carhartt.
7. My hubby and I spend a week camping in the Adirondacks together every August. This will be our fourth year and we can't wait! :)
8. I am a pretty avid gardener, but I knew absolutely nothing about it when we bought our house 5 years ago. 
9. I was saved when I was 5 years old. I attended Christian school kindergarten through college and I'm very thankful for all the sacrifices my parents made for me to have that education.
10. We have a sweet little doggie named Ella. She is a Pomeranian/Shih Tzu mix and she is our baby right now! :)
11. I am also an aunt, I have 3 nephews. Morgan is 16 (still can't believe that one because I was 16 when he was born), Nicky is 12 (He has his own lawn mowing business already) :) and Colin is 10 and is the star of his pop warner football team, he's also extremely fast so I'm hoping he will run track like me when he's older! :) 
Kiri's questions...
1. What is your favorite feature on yourself?
I would have to say my eyes, people always comment on how they are big like a little child's eyes.
2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I always thought I would want to live in Australia, but now that I'm older I really just love where I live now.
3. What talent do you wish you had?
I would love to be able to sing, it is so beautiful to listen to someone who is just blessed with an incredible voice.
4. What's your favorite season?
I love fall..........the weather, the leaves changing, the food!!! :)
5. What job would you have if money were no object?
 I had a volunteer job in the hospital once and I just loved it. I wished it was what I could do for a living, just visiting and helping people.

6. Your biggest pet peeve?
When people in the grocery store use their cart as a weapon and push you out of the way! Seriously its one of my biggest ones!
7. What is one of your favorite childhood memories?
 When all of my big brothers and their spouses would come over on Christmas Eve and we would do presents together, it was so special and I had them all to myself! :)

8. If you had an entire day to yourself what would you do first?
Well I have those a lot and usually I clean. 
9. What was your least favorite subject in school?
Math, just no gift in that department what so ever!!
10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I am hoping that the Mr and I will have our house finished? It would be nice! :)
11. Which celebrity's closet would you raid if given the chance?
I love Keri Russell's style so much, oh and if I could have her face and hair too! :)

My questions......

1. What is your favorite flower?
2. What is your favorite type of weather?
3. Who is the person you most look up to in your life?
4. How many siblings do you have?
5. What would your go on your dream vacation?
6. What is your absolute favorite meal to cook?
7. What is your decorating style?
8. What do you like to do in your spare time?
9. If you could spend today with someone you haven't seen in a long time, who would it be?
10. What moment or event in your life has most defined who you are today?
11. Why do you like to blog?
I am passing the award along to... 
Jessie at Optimal Living
Sarah at The Fontenot Four  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Finding God's Purpose For You I am not so good at this whole blogging thing! I want to be, but life just gets so busy and I also get easily intimidated by all the amazing blogs out there. In fact I feel like that is one of my biggest obstacles comparing myself to others and what they can do, rather than fully immersing myself in the life God has given me to live.

Being sick like this, I'm going on 20 years now with this illness, can be very difficult. One of the biggest difficulties about it is trying to figure out what my purpose is in life. Sure there are other women out there who are homemakers, but most of them are mommies. Honestly, my hubby and I do not fully have peace that I am healthy enough and physically strong enough on a daily basis to be a mommy someday. Also with my Lyme disease, we do not have complete peace that our children would be born perfectly healthy. This is something I have surrendered over to God, it is in His hands, and whether I ever have children or not, does not change the fact that God does indeed have a plan for my life.

Another thing I struggle with is the fact that many people get very sick, become extremely close to God, but then they get better and do amazing things with their lives afterward. For me though, I am still sick. People don't really realize how sick I am by looking at me, and I really try not to make people feel sorry for me because I have this illness. Honestly, even though it is difficult to be sick like this I wouldn't change it because this is what God had planned out for me to make me into who He wants me to be. This illness has made me so much closer to God, and I never would have slowed down enough to meet my amazing hubby if it were not for this illness! :)

So lately, I feel like I have started to have some revelations as to why God created me the way I am. I had always been painfully shy growing up and also extremely sensitive. I have spent a lot of my life with my feelings hurt because I am just sooo sensitive. I know God gave me this kind of heart for a reason, so I am trying to not get hurt so easily but, to use it to be someone who is very compassionate and aware of the needs of others. During my illness, a lot of friends and family really weren't there for me. Actually a lot of times in life I kinda fall through the cracks because I am quiet and I just kinda fade into the background. This has been a source of hurt to me in the past, but I am realizing it is part of God's plan for me. Because even though I have felt this way in my life, but being lucky enough to have friends and family members who do really truly love me, than there are certainly people in this life who feel that way and there is no one close to them who really love and care about them. I think that God was allowing this heartache in my life so that I could be someone who is very sensitive to the heartaches of others around me. This is something I can do, that maybe I couldn't have if I was out working full time and raising a family. God is already putting people in my life and opportunities where I feel this is my calling. I went to school to become a psychologist, but maybe I wasn't meant to sit in a chair and offer advice, but to be out in the world loving and caring about the people that a lot of times our world has forgotten.

 This is something that I am still figuring out, but it feels so good to focus on a calling, rather than sitting around waiting to get better. I may never get better, but its ok as long as I am being the person God wants me to be. I love this quote from my Jesus calling devotional,"Do not resist or run from the difficulties in your life. These problems are not random mistakes; they are hand-tailored blessings designed for your benefit and growth. Embrace all the circumstances that I allow in your life, trusting Me to bring good out of them. View problems are opportunities to rely more fully on Me."