Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas At Our House

Maybe its a little strange, but I don't like to decorate for Christmas until it is actually December. I really love Thanksgiving and I just like to have my harvest decorations out for as long as possible. I am also very OCD about cleaning and my house has to be spotless before any Christmas items are to be put out. I told you I was strange! :) Anyway, Christmas is now in full swing here at our little farmhouse.

Our Tree

This year for our tree I used apples, snowflakes, angels, and gold&cream berry garland for my decorating scheme. I like to change things a little every year. Next year I really want to have a large bow on top of the tree with the ribbon coming down throughout the tree. I would also like to make some red ticking stripe bulbs to go on the tree with ropes to hang them from. Of course another pinterest idea! :) I really like the tree this year, I think it is my favorite so far!!
Kitchen and Dining Room

I am obsessed with lighting candles right now and pretty much having that be all the light there is. My hubby says he can't see anything! :) A funny story about this candle, I actually won it the other night at a white elephant gift exchange. I stole it away from my pastor and he has already teased me about it several times by telling me he needs it because his house smells like onions. Something tells me he's not done yet either!! :)

This was an idea that I found on pinterest. They are mason jars filled with water and cranberries floating on top. I used tea light candles instead of floating candles and they work just fine, but I imagine the floating candles would last quite a bit longer. On pinterest they also had some boxwood floating in the water, which would be nice to add as well. I know this picture isn't the best, but they really do look so beautiful when they are lit!

 This is our chandelier with just some apples and garland strung throughout.

This is the centerpiece for our table. That is actually a wreath that I normally hang on our front porch, and I thought it would look nice wrapped around a hurricane and candle. The other candle holders actually have berries and real pine branches from a tree in our yard. They are floating in water and then the tea lights are in a separate part above them. Again this looks so beautiful in real life, but was so hard for me to capture in pictures.

Hope everyone is having a blessed holiday season!


  1. beautiful decorations! I love your tree!
    And I love your new header! Your pictures came out very nice! (and great outfit!)
    ~your secret sister

  2. Your tree is gorgeous! I have been wanting to do the water with cranberries and candles project too, but haven't got around to buying cranberries yet! It looks beautiful, hope your holidays are wonderful!

    p.s. thanks so much for commenting on my made my day to read!

  3. Can't believe you are already planning ahead for next year's decorations!LOL I just got finished with the last of my trees this morning! Your tree looks very pretty with its berry garland and all those angels. Visiting from Abbie's party. ~ Sue

  4. I love your decorations, they are gorgeous. You could be an interior designer. :)