Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas At Our Little Farmhouse

So ya, I'm not so good at this whole blogging thing. It's kinda intimidating and I like to sit in my jammies every morning and see what other people are blogging about, it's just easier! :) But anyway here is what Christmas looks like over here at our little farmhouse!

This is an old toolbox that I have pretty much been obsessed with ever since I found it at my parents second hand store this summer. I have decorated it for 3 seasons now and I just love it. I put in some lighted garland and some red cardinals that I found at the craft store. I thought I was being a little frivolous buying the birds, but now I am so glad I did.

I was also loving all the mason jars filled with epsom salt and candles that I saw on pinterest.

This pretty centerpiece is yet again another beautiful find from my parent's store. It did not come with candles, so I thought I would just pick some up at the dollar store, only to be surprised that they did not have any! But while I was there I saw these adorable mini mason jars and I thought they would be perfect filled with epsom salt and tealight candles.

This is just a complete look of our dining room, with the buffet with the toolbox just off to the left of the shot.

This is an old orchard ladder that came with our house used as a quilt rack. My husband's grandmother (Mimi) just gave this quilt to me this fall. She is very sick and this quilt has been in her family for many years. I felt so honored that she wanted me to have it. We are looking for a white corner cabinet to go in this space, but for now I am really liking this look.

Again I did some of the mason jars with epsom salt. It looks very beautiful at night when they are all lit.

Last summer, our house sustained some damage during a hurricane when our roof started leaking over our living room. We had yucky stains on the ceiling and I really did not want many people over until it was fixed. Thankfully it is now finally fixed, ceiling painted, and my curtains are back up again. Here are some shots of our back together room. Yippie!! :)

And last but not least, our tree!!

This year I used burlap garland, apples, snowflakes, angels, and white hydrangeas. I have to say I have a good hubby to let me have big poofy flowers on the tree and the coffee table! :)

Also we finally have our pantry finished!! Now I officially have 2 closets in our 200 year old house! This is a big deal folks!! :)

My husband made this door out of 2 old pieces of rough-cut lumber that he found in our barn. I just love it, along with the beautiful strap hinges that we found from Vandyke Restorers.

I really didn't think that it needed to be lighted and just kinda humored my husband with that part, but now I love it! I kinda giggle every time I open it and the light automatically comes on! :)

I also most say, I had quite a good time at Home Goods picking out all the pretty baskets and jars to put everything in!! :)

Well that's a little of what has been happening over at our house. Sorry I don't have more than a point and shoot, but we need a roof and windows and siding and our mudroom finished first. Maybe someday! :)


  1. You house looks so cozy, Susan. I love your pantry! I hope you have a BLESSED Christmas and New Year:)

  2. I love that toolbox! Your tree is just gorgeous! I love the wide ribbon and all of the white ornaments!
    Very cool about the lighting coming on automatically in your pantry, too. :-)

  3. I love your ladder quilt rack! So cute!

  4. I love all of your Christmas decorations. You're place is definitely filled with holiday spirit!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee