Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Fashion

Last week my mom took me birthday shopping to pick out some new spring clothes. This has pretty much been our tradition since the beginning of time! :) Well inevitably we ended up at Forever 21, everything there is just so cute and for such a great price. It's a great way to get pieces that are more trendy without spending a ton of money. When I was younger in high school and college I would only buy expensive clothing, make that very expensive clothing and then I would get rid of it at the end of the year because, "It was so last year!" Oh how I wish I had kept a lot of it, since preppy clothing never really goes out of style and I am still about the same size. However, now that I am a grown-up, I also care about how my house looks so finding cute clothes at better prices just fits the bill.

Here a few cute things that I found.

  1. The mustard colored sweater I found last minute before we left, so I'm hoping its my color! :)
  2. I am so in love with that hat!! I also just realized that I can probably wear it for our farm themed VBS this year and for $14.80 how can you go wrong?
  3. The pink sweater has a little bit of an 80's vibe to it, but it is so soft and comfy. 
  4. The off white sweater with the lace is made so well and really looks like something that you would find in Banana Republic or a much pricier store.
  5. The green sweater also again a little bit 80's but I loved the vibrant color.
  6. The black sweater has a beaded Peter Pan color which I have seen a lot of on Pinterest. Does anyone else get upset that you don't actually own all those beautiful clothes pinned on your style board? :)

I also picked up this cute red linen blazer and a pair of Khaki and white jeans from American Eagle that fit perfect, which never happens! I actually wore the blazer with a blue and white striped button down and the khaki pants to church yesterday, but I didn't think to take a pic. Laying out the clothes instead of posing is also less intimidating! :)

Here also are just a few accessories that I found at each store.

I absolutely love the headband, I just hope I actually have the courage to wear it. They also had little mini fascinators there (you know like the hats everyone wore to Will & Kate's Wedding). I had good will power though and didn't buy one, but I wish that we dressed that way over here! :) I also bought some feather earrings, which I have been seeing everywhere. These are definitely going to be a stretch for me, but I think it such soft colors I just might be able to do it! :)

What things do you want to wear most for Spring? Or if you could have anything off your style pinboard what would you pick?


  1. I love all your picks! I haven't been to f21 in so long but maybe it's time I went back!

  2. I love that blazer! Looks like you got lots of cute things! :) I was so excited, I got a pair of light pink jeans at AE a few weeks ago!

  3. Oh, that sweater with the beaded Peter Pan collar is SO adorable! Love it!

    If I could have a new fashion piece for spring it would be some pastel colored jeans. They're just so cute!

  4. man...makes me long for the day when the baby weight is gone and i get to add some pieces to my wardrobe. love what you picked out.