Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars

I made this awesome dessert the other day for a wedding reception. The women's ministry of our church always offers a cookies and punch reception for the bride and groom immediately following the ceremony. I remember the ladies of the church putting this nice reception on for us, and now I get to be one of those ladies. :) I thought about taking pictures as I went, but I was making it for a wedding and I felt a little more stressed than normal to make sure everything was just right.

I originally found this recipe on Pinterest:

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It was originally featured on:

These bars are so good! There were a lot of cookies left over from the wedding and people enjoyed them after the church service today. I had several people asking for the recipe. If you go to the blog above, the recipe is listed under desserts. It is from a while back so you just have to scroll back a page or two. She has so many wonderful recipes on her blog to look through. I love the chicken pot pie recipe she posted today!

Ok so I have never linked to someone's page before, so I am completely sure I made some mistakes. Just figuring out how to put these 2 buttons on my post has most definitely given me a headache.  If you have any advice to share with the newbie, please do! :)


  1. Those cookies sound great! I'll have to look them up! :) You did very good putting the buttons in- yay! :) If you ever just want to link in an address in typed words like "I found this on Pinterest" and you wanted Pinterest to be a word you could click on to go to Pinterest- you just highlight the words you want to have a link hidden in and then click on that thing that looks like a frog with glasses and put the link the spot it shows you. I usually then change the color of that word or words so it stands out. I've give myself a headache trying to figure stuff out, too. :)

  2. Thanks Heather! I made the dessert and I wanted to share about it, but then I didn't know how! :) The recipe was not the blog owner's own, but it was on her blog that I found it. I didn't want to just cut and paste from her blog, I thought maybe that was a no no to do. The oatmeal cookie recipe was easier because I got it out of a cookbook and used my own pics. I was also afraid that maybe you needed to ask a blog owner's permission to link to their page?