Friday, September 2, 2011

What A Difference A Year Makes

Well I just realized that I have not posted anything on here since last October. Last year was a hard year and I didn't always want to talk about what was happening to our home. Reading back over this blog I feel like such a different person than I was back then. Things are so much better now and its hard to relate to some of the feelings I was having then. It was really difficult to live like that, but God is replacing those memories with the enjoyment of being a "homemaker" with an actual home to make.   I have a kitchen that I can bake and cook in. Its fun to be excited about these things again and trying new recipes all the time. Hubby likes this too! :)

I feel like I have grown so much since last year and all that we went through. Honestly, living in a 200 year old house that needs a lot of work teaches you a lot in itself. Add in being sick for as long as I have and you end up feeling like your about 87 years old. :) I feel like such a different person than I was in college, not that that's a bad thing at all, but God sure knows how to keep me on my toes! I have become accustomed to this adventure we are living over here and knowing that my ducks are going to be nowhere near their rows. I mean if anyone's house is going to explode its totally going to be ours. If someone is going to have natural gas coming out their well and dead skunks under their floor, definitely going to happening over here. If anyone plans that camping trip that they have desperately been looking forward to for one of the rainiest weekends of the summer, and then proceeds to get lost on an 8 mile hike in the rain for 3 hours while finding the whole situation hysterical, that would be Dan and Susan. These same people may or may not have gone back to this same spot the next day to climb the mountain trail they had missed, just so that the Adirondack's would know they did not defeat them. :) So I'm not really expecting anything to go as planned, if it did, now that might scare me!

All of this to say we are alive and well over here! We have a beautiful new kitchen, we are happy, and we most certainly are never bored! I will do a post just about the kitchen with pics soon!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with decorating your kitchen! It definitely gives us some ideas! I look forward to checking back on your blog!